Monday, November 24, 2008

Greg's visit

Greg Templeton, the Australian who sang at our wedding, is in town for the week. So far, this is how he and Ed have spent the weekend! They wake up to eat and then settle in for another nap. A nice lazy weekend! We also celebrated my birthday with the traditional birthday dinner, stuffed meatloaf, rosemary potatoes, and creamed spinach, and later, brownies and ice cream. Ed couldn't get the candles to stand up straight, so it was perilous walk from the kitchen with drooping flames!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week of business trips

Ed and I both were on business trips this past week. He was in Idaho, visiting a malt plant. He left early on Sunday with plans to visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Unfortunately, Yellowstone was closed. At least he got some great shots of the Tetons! We hope to return here on vacation in the next couple of years. 

I was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a photo shoot. It was actually colder there (30s and 40s) than it was for Ed in Idaho! I'll upload the pictures when I get them from the photographer. 

25 Weeks

Here's the 25-week belly shot! 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Redneck fun at Grandpa's

On our last day in Florida, Dad pulled out Grandpa's pellet gun. We set up targets on the pasture gate. Plain old target shooting got boring, though, so Ed and Patrick raised the stakes with drive-by target shooting, using the golf cart. There's nothing like soda cans, pellet guns, and golf carts for some good, old-fashioned fun!


Last weekend we traveled to Florida to visit Grandpa in Kissimmee. The Swensons had many Disney vacations in Florida through the years, so we took this picture of the four of us to commemorate this most recent trip. Poor Ed, who has experienced the Swenson pace of vacations before, took a nap on the monorail about partway through our 14-hour marathon day at Disney. We took our traditional picture with Grandpa, as well as one in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom. It was a fun trip!


We decided to decorate our house for halloween this year. Thanks to some fantastic props we borrowed from the Rhyans, our front porch was appropriately spooky for trick or treating. We ran out of candy twice! Corey, my cousin attending Wash U, came over to help decorate and hand out candy. Check out my shirt...I created a glow in the dark baby skeleton! 

Mary Beth and Alli visit

Mary Beth and Alli came to visit us in St. Louis in October. We had a great sibling weekend, hanging out, roasting marshmallows, shopping, and watching football. MB and I took a joint belly shot--imagine what this photo will look like at Christmas!

23 weeks

Compare those to this one, taken at 23 weeks. There's no question now--that is a belly!

Early belly shots

These are my "wishful thinking" belly shots, before there was much to see. Only by looking at them all together can you see a little bulge.

The "big" ultrasound!

Our third ultrasound, at nineteen weeks, showed an actual baby! And no, we didn't find out the baby's sex. We're going to remain on team green until March. The baby looks like it's sucking its thumb--isn't that cute?!

First 2 ultrasounds

We had our first two ultrasounds at nine and eleven weeks. The first just looked like a blob, but the second started to resemble a baby!