Monday, August 31, 2009

Trouble maker!

I was packing away clothes that don't fit Thomas anymore today and just for fun pulled out his "coming home" outfit from the hospital. Look how tiny it looks next to him, and it was big on him that day! Our little guy is growing up fast! (And, as you'll see in the following pictures, getting into all kinds of mischief!)

With Thomas' newfound mobility, nothing is safe. Just wait until he really crawls instead of just scoots. He's obsessed with my lap top, remote controls, cell phones...anything but toys! Today I caught him trying to eat cobwebs. Yuck!

Pushing buttons!

Destroying Sports Illustrated! Good thing I'd already read that page. 

Singing a duet (okay, screeching) while Ed plays guitar!

Friday, August 28, 2009

6 Months!

Thomas turned 6 months old this week...hard to believe! He weighs 20 lbs. 2 oz. and is 27.5" long. Now that he's mastered rolling over and sitting (mostly) he's on the move. Not really crawling yet, but more scooting.

Thomas and his lion

Almost time for a haircut! Not the great stuff on top that sticks up; just a trim of his "sideburns" and his "mullet."

Thomas in action! He seems to be getting faster every day! His best "crawls" are when he's pursuing a cell phone, camera, or remote control. Toys are okay, but not nearly as interesting!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amy & Mike's Wedding

Congratulations to Amy and Mike! The wedding was beautiful, and the reception filled with fun, good wine and tasty food.

The newlyweds: Mike and Amy

Me, Diane, Rachel, and Katie...high school friends and college friends combined. Amy went to college with Di's husband Matt (and actually played matchmaker for them), so Di and Matt made the trip up to Mequon for the weekend. In between the wedding and reception, we went to Highland House for margaritas, chips and salsa, and avocado rolls. Yum!

A Homestead High School reunion picture. Is it really 13 years since we graduated???

With Matt and Di at the reception

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

At the Cottage

Pictures from Pearl Lake. The first is unquestionably the best of the weekend! Our little daredevil!

We've always talked about getting Thomas on water skis early...while we were at Amy's wedding, Mom, Dad, Jenn and Patrick decided he was ready! Check out the picture they staged! (Hands supporting Thomas have been photoshopped out.) Next year...barefooting! :)

Check out the mohawk!

Sacked out with Grandpa after a long day.

In the speedboat!

Thomas got tired of his toys while we were eating breakfast, so he reclined into prime Sportscenter watching position.

Thomas loved his sports car swing!

Nap time on the boat.

Floating in the lake.

I couldn't resist posting cousin Kelly's new dog, Bella, dressed up in a sundress and some crazy sunglasses! Yes, they do have a chin strap. And Thomas currently weighs 8 times what Bella does.

Wisconsin Weekend

We headed to Wisconsin this past weekend for a wedding. After a night in Mequon, Thomas spent some quality time with Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Jenn and Patrick at the cottage.

Thomas can sit by himself on the wooden motorcycle my Grandpa Jerry made. Last time we were at mom and dad's house, he was too floppy!

Thomas plays with blocks from my childhood, made by my Grandma Max. He liked to topple them over.

Thomas pets Oscar, who wasn't terribly interested.

Thomas visits Grandma Millie and Henry.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 Month Pictures

The other night we took Thomas for some professional pictures. Here the results...pretty cute!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend part 2

Blair and Jim spent Saturday night at our house. On our way back up to Matt and Mo's to go to the pool, we visited the zoo. The St. Louis Zoo is great--it's one of the best in the country, and it's free! Thomas wasn't too interested in the animals (we didn't figure he would be), though he cried at the chimpanzees (not related, I'm sure). 

We posed for a family picture with these fake penguins, but Thomas was more interested in eating my hair. Lately, he tries to eat any part of me he can reach...cheek, elbow, knee, hair. You'd think we weren't feeding him! 

Jim, Blair and Thomas at Blueberry Hill for lunch, a St. Louis favorite.

Cooper was dumping water on Thomas's legs. Then he moved up and dumped the next bucket over his head! Thomas was surprised, but not fussed.

Chillin' out with dad in the shallow water at the pool.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A weekend in St. Louis

Our friends Blair and Jim came to visit from Fort Collins, CO, this weekend. Blair lived in NJ with us and with Matt and Mo, and she and Jim wanted to meet/spend some time with our kidlets. Saturday we went out on the Mississippi River in Matt and Mo's boat (how spoiled are we that even when we don't go to Mattoon, we still get boat time?!), and Sunday we hit the zoo and spent a little time in Matt and Mo's neighborhood pool. More pics tomorrow.

Cooper, who is almost 3, really likes "baby Thomas." He gives Thomas toys to play with, wants to sit by him and touch him, and occasionally gives him hugs. Today he even offered Thomas his treasured Cardinals blanket! He's really gentle with Thomas, but after he finished this hug, the momentum of letting go sent Thomas over backward! 

Cooper the buckethead
Thomas chills on the sandbar with Ed. Matt and Mo's boat is in the background. We were one of about 50 boats anchored to this sandbar. 

Blair, Molly, and Mo on the beach, having snacks.

Thomas really seemed to enjoy the boat ride--on the way home, it was nearing sunset, and the temperature had cooled down. We were sitting in the front and the wind was blowing through T's hair. 

Friday, August 14, 2009

Flip book pictures

Dad was given an "MSOE Baby" t-shirt for Thomas (Milwaukee School of Engineering) to someone he serves on a committee with. I wanted to take a picture for dad to send back to the giver. Being camera happy (!), I took six. They've been such a hit that I decided to share them on the blog. They're all pretty similar but make a great "flip book" of Thomas standing (he's balanced against the futon he's standing on, and tipped over frequently). Don't miss the last's the best!  
And then as an added bonus, when dad sent the picture to his MSOE contact, they asked if they could publish it in their alumni magazine, Dimensions. Our kid will be famous! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cute Thomas pics

A couple more Thomas pics from the weekend and beyond...

He can now get his toes into his mouth!

Taking a nap on Uncle Tucker's lap while Tucker talks on the phone.

Thomas is very close to sitting up by himself. He can sit unsupported from anywhere between 0 and 15 seconds. Then he tips over.

Doing gymnastics with Dustin

When Thomas does tip over from sitting, he likes to just lay upside down how he lands. Pretty cute!