Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Dunes!

We spent a free Saturday climbing and jumping in the dunes at Van Buren State Park.

Check out the big hill we climbed! TJ did it by himself.

Josiah got some help from Daddy.

The boys at the top...what a view!

Daddy and his (sandy) boys

Sweat + water bottle + rolling in the sand = sand face!

Brotherly love on the slide

A video of our dune jumping!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family time in NC

In no particular order, because the quantity is too overwhelming to try to arrange them...

We spent five days around Memorial Day at Ed's parents' house in North Carolina. Plenty of cousin time, grandparent time, and most importantly, a chance to meet our newest cousin/nephew, sweet baby Eli. What a great trip!

Aidan's happy face

Backgammon is a popular game in our family. After watching MB and Alli play, Thomas and Lauren decided to have a go.

The two little guys in hats

Thomas and his buddy Corban, both in their green shirts

Eli and Alli with the quilt I made for him. He liked it. :)

Grandma and Grandpa on the deck with their eight grandchildren, with #9 arriving in September!

Jakin up on skis!

The Millers brought along Jakin's birthday present--a slack line--which, for the uninitiated (I was one), is a piece of webbing that you secure a couple feet off the ground between two trees and then try to walk on/do tricks on. It was harder than the ripstick

Micah, Alli and Eli: first visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house at just over one month old!

The golf cart is a huge favorite with all the kids. Somehow Jojo got a one-on-one trip with Grandpa!

Hard to believe this is Josiah--he looks like such a big kid!

Driving the golf cart!

All the little kids wanted to try the slack line. Jakin helped TJ and Jojo walk and bounce on it.


First s'more!

Medium kids on a boat ride--they are enough kids now that we have to do boat rides in shifts!

Making silly faces!

Kids on the dock

One loaded golf cart!

The kids all wanted to hold Eli, who was very tolerant of the passing around

The Miller seven, soon to be eight!

The four of us


Thomas was very gentle holding Eli

Sunset over the lake