Sunday, November 29, 2009

Football Saturday!

I have some blogging to catch up on...
Last Saturday we headed to Evanston for the Northwestern-Wisconsin football game. The weather was beautiful, especially for mid November, it was great to revisit our old stomping grounds, the tailgates and game were so much fun, and to top it off, it was my birthday! 

Thomas skews the balance in our favor within the family: 3 NU fans vs. 2 UW fans. 

Check out his NU bib! Under the fleece is a purple shirt as well. We were prepared to cheer for our team!

Ed watched the Ohio State-Michigan game in the back of mom and dad's car. Ohio State won, so he was happy, and then he switched to purple for the afternoon game. 

The scoreboard says it all! After a very exciting back-and-forth game, Northwestern pulled out a win!

Thomas hung out at Rachel's house in Evanston while we were at the game. He had fun exploring her house and chasing Scooter the cat!

Jenn and Pat pose in their matching leopard-print Snuggies, our engagement present to them. (Congrats again guys!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Many Faces of Causing Trouble

As Thomas has gotten more mobile, he's started finding more spots in the house to cause trouble!

Wine tasting

Why are my pants on my head? Check out my chubby thighs, too.

Thomas is always interested in reaching this doorknob when he's on the couch.

He fits almost perfectly under the dining room table. 

Trying to crawl over Ed's computer for the box of baby wipes.

Swinging outside!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indian Summer

We took advantage of a beautiful Indian summer weekend to spend some time outside. Saturday, we walked through the park to the old water tower off of Grand and hiked to the top. Guess who was carrying Thomas for all 197 steps? Here's a hint: not Ed.

The water tower

Thomas loves the back carrier! We do too!

At the top of the tower

Looking down from the tower

Looking out toward the city (and the arch). I'd always thought that the reservoir next to the water tower was full of water. Now we know differently--it houses water, but in giant vats.

Sunday we raked leaves and plopped Thomas down in the pile. Some bog followers may be wondering if our kid ever cries, since he seems to be smiling in every picture we take. Here's an unhappy face. He didn't like the leaves and held his arms up above them to avoid touching. 

Even when we convinced him to crawl, he was still hesitant to touch the leaves.

Even with daddy "protecting" him from the leaves, he's still not sure! Ed's mom tells a story of how Mary Beth didn't like to get dirty, and if placed on a blanket in the yard, wouldn't leave it because she didn't want to touch the grass. By contrast, Ed would carry the portable playpen he was housed in with him as he moved around the yard. Even though he seems to be a bruiser, Thomas seems to be taking more after Mary Beth!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Outer Banks photo shoot

This past week I took Thomas to a photo shoot for Quilt and Quick Quilts in North Carolina's Outer Banks. It was a busy, fun week!

The house we stayed in: Sea Spray. Right on the ocean, gorgeous!

A four-hour layover in Charlotte was a perfect opportunity for Grandma to come see Thomas.

Grammy came along on the photo shoot to take care of Thomas while I worked.

We took advantage of having the little man along and used him on some baby quilts. He really is sleeping in this picture. 

Two more photos with Thomas--he was such a ham! I'll post on the blog when these issues go on sale in case anyone wants to see our famous baby in print. :)


Crawling on the deck with the infinity pool in the background

Thomas loved the bunk beds in one of the rooms where we stayed. 

Meanwhile, Ed spent the week with Jack and Mary and the kids in Massachusetts, helping as they started building their house. 

In the leaf pile with his nephews and nieces

Hard at work at the house site

Trick or treating

We decorated our house for trick or treating again this year--according to the kids walking by, it was seriously spooky! Thomas hung out while we handed out candy for the first hour or so, and then we put him to bed. Once again we were amazed by the adults shamelessly looking for candy handouts and the kids who tried to go into our candy bowl for multiple fistfuls. Yikes! Back in my day...