Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trick or Treat

The boys in the jack o' lantern shirts I made them, ready for Halloween

There was a lot of costume indecision this year. I had a few ideas of what Thomas should be, and he agreed to one of them, and then balked the week of Halloween. He tried to insist he could wear the cow costume he wore as a 2-year-old, which then became called "the wedgie cow" because it was so tight, it was riding up. A cow in capri pants!

Ultimately we decided on a skeleton costume, made out of black long underwear and cut out felt bones. Thomas added a little flair with his super hero cape. 

Dressed up with Daddy and ready to trick or treat!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pumpkin Farm #2

This was the year of pumpkin farms! The weather was gorgeous, and we were home, so we went. This weekend Mom and Dad were in town while Ed was out of town. We visited a different pumpkin farm, Harvest Moon, on a sunny Sunday. 

Trying out the corn stalk maze with Grammy and Buppa

The gourd slingshot was cool!

Running through a short hay bale maze

Jojo liked the chickens

Jojo on the burlap sack slide

A different kind of zip line

Thomas on the burlap sack slide

Thomas on the zip line

A silly picture on the way out

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pumpkin Pickin'

The following weekend, our family went to Gene the Pumpkin Man's Farm right down the road from our house to choose pumpkins. Another super-bright day, but a bit cooler than our day at Gull Meadow!

Ed helps Jojo carry his pumpkin of choice

Inside a huge pumpkin!

It's too heavy to lift!

Love seeing this cooperation!

Thomas found one he liked.

Thomas liked pulling Jojo too

Sadly this is as close as we got to carving pumpkins this year. We just got too busy. The boys didn't seem to mind until about 3 days into November, and then they started asking to carve. Sorry, boys, the window has closed on that opportunity! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gull Meadow Farms with Grandma

While Tom and Alice were in town in October, Alice and I took the boys to Gull Meadow Farms to take a hay ride and play in the pumpkin-themed fun area. The day was absolutely gorgeous--not a cloud in the sky, and warm! 

Maybe a little too bright for pictures into the sun...

Homemade donuts and apple cider with Grandma

 I was happy that Jojo needed help on the bounce pads. I just needed an excuse to get up there and jump myself, and he provided it!

Thomas in the obstacle course

Both boys loved this and rode around several times...cut out barrels trailing behind a riding lawnmower!

On the hay ride (which I guess was technically a wagon ride--no hay!) through the apple orchards

Grandma and Jojo

Thomas wanted to try the zip line. It wasn't high off the ground, but it was long, and I wasn't sure he could hold on. He did great and loved it. Of course then Jojo had to try it too. I ran along next to him in case he dropped, but he held on until the end--what an iron grip! The kid flying by Jojo on the left in this video is Thomas as well!

Helping Granda shuck corn for dinner one night

It was a fun visit!