Sunday, April 11, 2010

Productive weekend

This was our last weekend before we get pretty busy for the summer, and we were really productive around our house! 

Tucker ran a half marathon Sunday morning and we came to meet him at the finish. Thomas got tuckered out (pun intended!).

Good job Tucker!

This is the "before" picture of the area in front of our house. We've wanted to remove the walkway for a few years now.

Saturday, Ed removed it, expanded the bed, and I planted and replanted to fill out the bed.

Thomas had fun playing in the mud/water puddles we created while watering. He even tasted some of it. You can see the walkway remnants in the background.

 Thomas spent some of Saturday penned in on the deck so we could both be working in the yard. He wasn't too happy with the situation and kept peeking over the top at whoever was working in the back at the time. 

Sippy cups are overrated! Water bottles are much more fun to drink from.

This is just a cute picture I wanted to share.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a beautiful warm and sunny Easter weekend!

Here's Thomas with his Easter basket. He didn't really "get" it this year...maybe next year!

Family photo

Thomas woke up from a too-short nap right as our brunch guests arrived. He was still so tired that when Corey offered him an animal cracker, he just laid his head against Corey's thigh and didn't move.
Our Easter brunch table: honey-baked ham, frittata, parmesan potatoes, fruit salad, family, and good friends! 

Saturday morning we went to an egg hunt in the park. Thomas would pick up eggs that we showed him but then lost interest and dropped them pretty quickly.

The egg hunting got boring, but this huge tree sure was interesting! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The sneaky carrot

Thomas will eat any and all baby food, but he's a bit pickier when it comes to grown-up food. Meat? He's all for it. Bread or crackers or cereal? Definitely. Peas? Berries? Delicious. Anything with a slimy texture? Definitely not. See the evidence below. (The video appears slightly cropped in this format. What you can't see at the beginning is that Ed is hiding a carrot piece in a spoonful of baby food.)

Spring is here!

And that means shorts weather! It's been 70+ and sunny this week--fantastic!

Checking out the daffodils in his new summer clothes and sandals.

First time on a slide. Check out the video below. His face may not reflect it, but he really loved the slide!