Sunday, December 16, 2012

NU mini reunion

On our way to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, we detoured through Northbrook to meet Kelly and Dustin's new baby, Brennan, and to see the Simms family. So now not only do we invite ourselves to the Cooks' house, we also invite other friends to hang out there too! :) 
It was wonderful to spend a few hours with friends--with the Simms family living in Colorado, we don't see them very often anymore!

The last time we were all together there were only 2 kids (Zack and Thomas). Now there were 6 kids, and it was a lot louder and a lot more wild! 

 My birthday celebration's so nice having friends that know I love celebrating! I had cupcakes following me from Michigan to Wisconsin. The kids helped blow out the candles (and of course eat the cupcakes!)
 Jojo did NOT like me holding sweet little Brennan. Not at all.

 Jenn reading some of the bigger kids a story.

 These 3 got along great--they played for an hour or so in this box. Ryder and Jojo (both 1) couldn't quite keep up. Maybe next time.

 First photo of the eight of us Cooks and Rubles. We'll be spending New Year's Eve at the Cooks' house, so chances are we'll take another photo then.

With the Simms family. The last time we took this photo, both Ryder and Josiah were small babies.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Uncle Tucker comes to town

We lucked out with beautiful mid-November Saturdays two weekends in a row. The weekend after Di and Matt were here, Uncle Tucker came to visit from St. Louis. Unfortunately, Katie couldn't make it; we hope she can come next time!

Thomas took Tucker on a tour of all his favorites in our yard as well. It was like they'd never been apart--so sweet!
 Thomas' pine tree fort

 Tucker helped him climb a tree

 Stopping for a hug/tackle

 I was massively outnumbered this weekend! Saturday night we had pizza for dinner and the guys all sat at the island. It was so peaceful at the table by myself!

 Sunday night I made my birthday dinner--Italian meatloaf stuffed with ham and cheese, roasted rosemary potatoes, and birthday spinach. Yum!

I also made pumpkin Kahlua cheesecake. Double yum!

The boys helped me blow out my candles. 

See you in February, Uncle Tucker and Katie!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Matt and Di come to visit

Living in Kalamazoo is so convenient when your Chicago friends have tickets to the NU-Michigan football game! Matt and Di, dressed appropriately, stayed Chez Ruble before and after the game at the Big House. Unfortunately, NU couldn't quite pull out the win. Argh!

While Di and Matt were at the game and Ed was doing yardwork (big yard, lots of trees = way too many leaves), I took the boys to Kalamazoo's Christmas parade. 

 Jojo did a lot of dancing!

 The Western Michigan W!

 Thomas made some friends, and they played Ring Around the Rosie during the parade.

The second star of the show! (I guess I didn't get a picture of Santa!)

 On Sunday, the weather got even nicer and we spent the day outside, playing with Matt and Di and the  kids, plus the Kalamazoo usual--lunch at Eccentric Cafe.
 Jojo in his adorable new NU hoodie

 Diane and her date at Eccentric

 Swing time!

The kids put Matt and Di through all the paces--soccer, baseball, bean bag toss, swings, bikes...glad the weather was nice or it would have been a long, cold afternoon!

Me and Diane

We hope they'll come visit again before NU plays in Ann Arbor again!