Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Silly pics

A couple weekend pictures of our goofball...

Ed is all about fashion--check out the onesie snapped outside the pants!

That had been my water bottle for while I was pushing him. He had different ideas.

Meatballs are a messy affair. But so delicious!

Helping me clean out the cupboard under my bookshelves. What you can't see is that his left hand is pushing the power button on the cable box on and off. 

Monday, March 29, 2010


The three of us babysat 4-month-old Ethan Saturday night for our friends Carrie and Justin. We had fun but are very happy not to have kids 10 months apart! 

Thomas is all about touching Ethan. He was mostly gentle, either patting his head or touching his hair, but a couple times he tried to play the bongos on poor Ethan's skull! He also demonstrated how to use all the toys on the exersaucer to a rapt audience. These two will be great friends!

And jealousy kicks in. Thomas did not like it when I was holding Ethan. He wanted to be held as well, and you could picture him thinking "that's MY mommy."

So I tried holding them both. That's alot of weight! Thomas really didn't think this was much better. 

So Ed took over Ethan duties for a while and they watched basketball together. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As Ed so perfectly put it, "Our kid may not wave or blow kisses, but he can give one heck of a zerbert." See below....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fairy tears and a rainy basketball weekend

A pretty quiet weekend here, with lots of basketball watching...

I made my niece Annie a Tinkerbell costume for her birthday. Thomas unhappily tried on the wings. There is also a picture of him trying on the Tinkerbell costume (strictly for sizing!), but I've been discouraged from sharing it. 

Thomas and daddy watching March Madness together

Playing with cool architectural blocks. I build, he knocks down. 

Time to go shopping!

Do you think it's time for Ed to get some new pants? In the car yesterday morning, he thought he sat on something because he heard a crinkle sound. As he sat in the pew at church, he realized that sound was his pants ripping! Thank goodness we were sitting in the back! And needless to say, he passed on going up for Communion.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm back from a 3-day trip to the office in NY (3 days of single parenting for Ed, almost 10 hours of sleep per night for me!) just in time for another taste of gorgeous spring weather. Yay! 

We took the tunnel outside--much better than in our house! With a little coaxing, Thomas is getting used to touching grass. At least he's stopped standing at the back door and whining to go in like he used to do! 

This kid is growing up so fast--look how big he is here! While I was grilling chicken this evening, he was going up and down the deck steps. I keep having to convince him that he has to back down them. 

Boy or Puppy?

I thought only puppies chewed on slippers...

Kathy visits

One of Kathy's college friends was kind enough to get married in St. Louis last weekend, so she stayed with us for a few nights. Kathy brought Thomas some stuffed friends to go with the books she's given him (If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and If You Throw A Pig A Party). 

She and I also soaked up some quality sewing time--she worked on two charity quilts and raided my fabric supply, and I got started on a costume I'm making for my niece's birthday. Kathy was also kind enough to change a couple poopy diapers and let me sleep in one morning!  

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pictures from the week

 A few pics from the last week and the beginning of nice weather...

With Thomas' new bike helmet, we tried out the bike trailer on Sunday. He kept sliding down into an uncomfortable looking laying position, as well as trying to pull the helmet off, but with a few adjustments I'm sure it'll be fun for him (at least I hope so, because we'd like to do lots of biking--there's another triathlon coming up this summer)! 

I bought these "puppy super hero" jammies on sale for him recently. It's hard to see the details, but there are caped and masked puppies on them. Aren't they cute? 

He looks so grown up in two-piece jammies!

He's still not a fan of grass. This picture doesn't do it justice--the day before, when I set him down in the backyard, he balanced on his elbows and knees to avoid touching the grass and whined until I picked him up. When we go in the backyard, he tries to stay on the cement walkway as much as possible. I'm assuming that's because he knows if he falls in the grass, he'll have to touch it!

No doubt inspired by the super hero jammies, Ed tied a dish cloth around Thomas' neck to make him a cape. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grandma Alice comes to visit

Grandma Alice came to visit last weekend, and we had a great time. We were more than happy to hand over early morning duties, diaper duty, and feeding time to her! 

Grandma soaked up plenty of Thomas hugs.

One of Thomas' gifts from Tom and Alice was a Spiderman bike helmet. He didn't like it too much at first--kept trying to lift it off, which of course the chin strap prevents. 

Eventually he got used to the idea. 

There's nothing cuter than overalls from the back! Add in a bike helmet, and you're all set. And frankly, with as much as Thomas as been falling lately, as he starts to walk faster, maybe wearing this helmet inside isn't such a bad idea...

Playing with his new train. I am unable to put this in the toybox until all pieces are accounted for and in the right spots. I wonder how long that compulsion will last--probably not too long! 

The weekend was beautiful, so we tried out T's swing. Lots of giggles!

T is unsure about the grass, both walking on it and heaven forbid, touching it with bare skin. Right now any soccer ball kicks are accidental, but by summer I'm sure he'll be ready for some games!

The actual birthday

Bear with me--I have a few more birthday pictures! Since we celebrated early (and late...see next post with Alice's visit), I decided to make a little cake for Thomas' actual birthday. After all, it's not every day your first kid turns one! :)
Our family of three...when we took this picture a year ago, Thomas was ALOT smaller. And not yet eating cake. 

Apparently cake tastes better with each successive try. He played with this piece quite enthusiastically and finished off all the frosting.

Trying out his floaty for the lake this summer. 

A froggy towel!

Goodbye Blazer, Hello Pickup!

After a month or two of haunting Craig's list for possibilities, Ed recently traded in our 1996 Blazer for a 2000 pickup truck.

Goodbye, Blazer...you served us well, from PA to NJ to MO. We'll miss you!

Hello, pickup truck! Ed has wanted something like you for a long time, and now he's got it! Let's see...what can I tell you about the truck? It's a Dodge Dakota Sport, not huge for a truck, but it's a tight fit in the garage! It has two rows of seats, so we've got room for Thomas. (We'll use the truck alot at the lake this summer) It makes this loud growling sound Ed loves, and it has a manual transmission. Oh yeah, and I haven't driven it yet because I'm a little bit afraid of it! 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 year stats

Thomas had his 1-year doctor's appointment yesterday. He's 30.5" long and weighs 23 lbs., so he's continuing to slow down on the growing. He is way bigger than the lion though!