Thursday, August 16, 2012

Josiah's 1st Birthday

Guess who turned 1?!?!

We had fun giving Jojo his first cupcake. 
He was very serious about it--no big grins--but definitely dug into it. 


Frosting fingers

 I had an image in my mind of how to decorate the cupcakes--I wanted to do cute little orange goldfish on a blue frosted cupcake. My execution did not match my vision. At all. Sigh...

TJ really enjoyed his cupcake. And he wanted a candle in his cupcake too. 

 Here's our big 1-year-old with his teddy! 

 With the age blocks

Silly face.

Josiah is a pretty steady walker now. He has to be, trying to keep with (or get out of the way of) Thomas! He's eating primarily people food, and as of his doctor's appointment the other day, is now on soy milk rather than soy formula. We have an appointment with an allergist next week to find out if he is truly allergic to dairy. He's got a grin that lights up a room, a silly, scrunched up nose camera face, and a determined personality. He has 5 teeth, with a 6th on the way, weighs 21 lbs and is 30 in. tall. We love our sweet boy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

At the beach

Every other summer, we do a big Ruble family vacation at the beach with Alice's siblings and their families. This year's group numbered 35, staying in 3 beach houses on Atlantic Beach, NC. It's a relaxing, family-filled week that we all love.

Aidan and Jojo hanging out in the shade of our beach cabana. Jojo took his morning nap each day on the beach in this tent.

 The view from our rental house. Gorgeous!

This is my second favorite photo of the boys from the trip. What's my favorite, you ask?

This one.
A couple evenings after dinner we walked down to the beach to play in the tide pools. They're perfect for skim boarding, little kid boogie boarding, and general kid fun. Plus, the sun is setting, so no need to lather everyone up in sunscreen!
 TJ tries to keep up with the big boys. They are great about playing with him and letting him in on the fun.

 Giving Jojo a ride.

 Loving the gentle tide pool!

Giving Lauren a ride.

 TJ and Lauren were buds on this trip, which was so nice to see. In the past, TJ sort of beat up on Lauren and was more interested in the bigger kids. They loved standing in the ankle-deep ocean together and digging in the sand.

Digging in the sand was hands-down TJ's favorite activity. In fact, all the kids loved it. Some castles were built, but mostly they just dug holes and moats.

The kids buried Ed, and then TJ wanted in on the fun too.

TJ wasn't always real sure about the waves; he'd cling to me like I was hanging out over a steep cliff if I carried him waist-deep into the water, but most of his screams were screams of joy as we jumped waves. Jojo, on the other hand, didn't ever want to leave the water.
He started walking more on his own during the beach week, but the sand was a tough surface to conquer. He was perfectly content holding onto a finger and walking on the beach, but he constantly led his finger support into the waves!

 We also celebrated Alice's birthday at the beach. Not a bad way to spend a birthday!

 Aidan and Jojo usually sat next to each other for meals. This resulted in a lot of food and cup sharing.

The kids enjoyed hanging in a kiddie pool on the deck when they needed a break from the ocean.

 All the kids at the beach. Happily, the adults still outnumber the kids. 

Mary Beth feeding Aidan and TJ goldfish crackers. They look like little baby birds. But when your hands are sandy, getting fed is a good alternative!

 Jojo gets a lift. We have a similar photo of TJ from 2 years ago.

 Alli and Micah swing Aidan.

Friday afternoon, Alice, MB and I took all the kids (except the babies) putt putt golfing. The 3 bigger kids and Grandma played together, and MB and I kept score for ourselves while TJ and Lauren usually did a first hit and then either hit or dropped the ball into the hole. TJ had a blast!

 Our family of four

The immediate family--all 15 of us!