Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two more videos

A video for each boy...

Thomas in his favorite playground

Josiah showing off his strong neck skills (and wide open eyes/funny faces!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

2 weeks!

These two weeks have flown by! And check out the belly--someone's starting to fill out a bit!

TJ has been asking (well, demanding, really) to hold Josiah more and more.

Daddy and his boys

Big stretch during a diaper change

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two videos

Here's some sweet brother interaction:

And...Thomas recently received some pretty neat books about construction and other vehicles. He loves to page through them, naming the pictures on each page. It's impressive how many he knows! But when he gets one wrong, he doesn't like to be corrected.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Many Adventures of Thomas

So in addition to spending the last 10 days or so adjusting to having another little person in the house to share the spotlight with, Thomas has also had ALOT of fun, both in the house and around town. Who knew being a big brother would be so much fun?!
Check out his (and our) adventures!
Batting practice in the backyard

Super Thomas makes an appearance!

Golf practice

Playing construction

This may not fall under the category of "fun," but another buzz cut! TJ desperately needed one. He's sitting in his swing for it.

Fun at the playground. This is a seat that spins...makes me sick, but he loved it!

In the fountain at the playground

At Ted Drewes for ice cream--Josiah's first trip!

There's some construction going on in our neighborhood, which means lots of great excavators, skid steers and dump trucks to see--a little boy's heaven! Most mornings, Thomas and either Grammy or Buppa walked over to watch for an hour or so. TJ could have watched all day.

This is the cement pipe at the construction site--where he retreated to when it started to rain. Smart kid.

An up close and personal view of the work going on

One morning, Ed took Thomas to the Magic House--a sort of children's museum/play place in St. Louis. They had a great time! Here's TJ in the train area. He is completely obsessed with anything construction or train related right now, so again, he was in heaven.

Having a tea party with himself. Notice his blue juice cup--I guess he was "pouring" juice into the tea cups.

Ed said he couldn't get him off this fire truck.

Giant legos!

One day Grammy and Buppa took TJ to the train museum. So much to see! This is the little train he got to ride. There was also a tram to get to one part of the museum--Thomas got to sit next to the driver and announce "All aboard!" into the microphone.

The schoolbus train--T's favorite

Driving a train

These trains are really huge, especially to a 2-year-old!

Last but not least, Grammy and Buppa with their two grandsons

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video of Thomas meeting Josiah

While maybe not the most exciting video ever, I thought it was cute to see T's reaction when he met his little brother at the hospital.

Who does Josiah look like?

It's time to play the game...who does Josiah look like? Check out the pictures below, but I think this one looks like me!
newborn Lisa

newborn Josiah

newborn Ed

newborn Thomas--a little mini Ed as a baby!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Boy Bed!

We got Thomas a big boy bed this weekend, complete with super-cool Lightning McQueen sheets. He was thrilled with his new bed and his sheets in particular, and we thought it would be a quick transition. (Josiah is sleeping in a pack and play in our room for now, so there's no rush, but T is quickly getting too big for the crib bed.)
After stories and prayers at bedtime, Thomas said, "I sleep in other bed."

And he did. Oh well...
He did nap today in the big boy bed, so we'll see what tonight brings!

Some cute pics

Wide awake and hanging out!

The brothers together. T likes to tell us "he's awake!" when he sees Josiah open his eyes. He really likes to bounce him (and try to catapult him) out of the bouncy seat as well--we watch vigilantly so that Josiah doesn't go flying!

Here's our cute boy!

Thomas (and his bear, pictured here in the swing in the background) spends a lot of time in the bouncy seat. He's heavy enough that his butt touches the ground. I'm thinking the bouncy seat isn't going to be bouncy much longer!

Josiah at 1 week, chunking up nicely

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pictures from Wed/Thurs

Just continuing to enjoy the munchkins! Ed took Thomas to see Cars 2 yesterday in the movie theater. Apparently after about 20 minutes, T looked at Ed and said "I want to go home." Ed, smart dad that he is, whipped out the bag of M&Ms and they made it through the whole movie. It sounds like the M&Ms may have been more of a hit than the movie. :)
Every morning, Grammy and Thomas have been walking a couple blocks to a construction site and watching the excavators, skid steers, bulldozers, etc. (T can name them all).
Josiah is continuing to eat and sleep like a champ. He's very laid back. We could definitely get used to this!
Hanging out on the deck while Thomas and Grammy played basketball and baseball.

Watching the cable guy installing service next door.

Lunch on the deck with not just one, but two juice cups--double fisting it! This is the good life.

Josiah napping on Grammy

We had J's first sponge bath tonight. He was NOT a fan. At the moment, he doesn't seem to like being naked or getting wet. He screamed more during this bath than he did immediately after being born! The extended arm in the photo above is not a sign of relaxed enjoyment--rather, frantic unhappiness. He didn't like lotion, either, but calmed down to his mellow self once he was in jammies and eating again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More pics

We arrived home from the hospital Monday afternoon and are happily settling in at home.

Check out the skinny little chicken legs!

First car ride--wearing the same outfit Thomas came home from the hospital in.

T holding little J for the first time (with close supervision!)

Talking with Grammy

We were trying to get a picture with Josiah's eyes open. We got one, but it barely looks like our kid! He is so cute with his big blue eyes open, though.

After tumbling class tonight, Ed took Thomas to Ted Drewes for some daddy time and some ice cream. The caption of the texted picture I got was, "Look, Mommy, Daddy lets me eat ice cream all by myself." What a mess! But it looks like Thomas REALLY enjoyed it. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Josiah - Day 2

Here's a few pictures from day 2...Josiah is looking a little less freshly delivered. His eyes are dark blue (and open a bit more frequently!), and his peach fuzz hair seems to be dark blond. After some of the photos yesterday where he looked huge, this shot with Ed's hands gives a little better perspective.

This is a close-up from his birth day--you can really see the bruising on the bridge of his nose and around his mouth, especially when you compare it to the picture above, where most of that has dissipated!
Wide awake with daddy

More head kisses from Thomas

A view of the chicken legs!