Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Slide: Then and Now

It's taken me a while to download these videos...
First you'll see Thomas' early attempts at the slide, from mid-May. He liked going up and down the ladder, and sometimes going down the slide. 

Suddenly one weekend in June, he realized there was something even more fun to do with the slide than actually go down it: using it as a ladder to flip over the couch! Now we can count on him to provide this kind of entertainment at least 20 times per weekend. When his timing is really on, he'll actually do a somersault and land on the ground on his feet! No one is more surprised than he is when this happens. I wish I'd gotten video of it. 

In general, though, he's becoming more and more of a monkey. He can climb onto chairs (and dining room tables when there's a laptop for incentive!). He uses the coffee table as a toehold to climb onto the couch. Last weekend he flipped over the couch backward (no soft cushions to land on). Today I found him in his toybox. If it's a challenge to climb, he's all over it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Music in the Park

Every Monday in the summer, the park by our house has a concert. We've rarely gone--it seems like we're either busy, it's too hot (90+ degrees at 7 pm?!?), or we forget. This past Monday we finally made it for the first time.

Picnic in the park

The concert in the gazebo, which included a man playing a saw. 

T hung out on daddy's shoulders after we got tired of chasing him around the park.

T feels it's important to have a tight grip on daddy's head! Eye gouging...ouch!

Weekend at the Lake

This was out last weekend at the lake with Kelly and Dustin. From now on they'll be staying home to get ready for Sparky's late August appearance! 

The five of us had a great (but short) third summer at the lake! We can't wait to meet you, Sparky!

The answer: 2. The question: how many people are needed to help Thomas take a shower? T didn't get a bath before we left home on Friday, and he was filthy. Tucker volunteered to help. Yes, Tucker is standing in the shower with his clothes on. Ed is safely outside the water's spray even though he has a suit on. Thomas thought it was pretty funny and giggled the whole time.

Tucker, his girlfriend Katie, and Thomas relax in the boat.

Kelly was kind enough to share her Cheetos with Thomas, who thanked her by using her belly and chest as a resting place for sticky orange hands.

The property: the clearing out continues, and this week some stumps were removed too.

Katie and Tucker took Thomas on a walk to the property. T passed out on the way home and then took a 30 minute nap in this position after they returned home. Looks comfortable, doesn't it?!

Hanging upside down

Thomas wanted to try guacamole after seeing Katie eat some. He liked eating it, and also liked sharing his chips with Katie. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th at Lake Mattoon

We spent a relaxing three-day weekend at Mattoon for the 4th of July. Sun, boat rides, smoker meat, and pie!

Cooling off with a grape freeze pop.

Yum...meat in the smoker!

Dustin's parents came to visit on Saturday and enjoy our feast: ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, corn, and apple and berry pie! 

Naptime...Thomas is way too long to fit the crossways in the pack and play, but that doesn't stop him from sleeping that way!

Chillin' in the shade: Enjoying the floaty that we got him for his birthday.

Sunday night we had a bonfire on the property while watching fireworks over the lake. We've got plenty of fallen trees to burn!

It got very quiet on Monday afternoon and this is where I found him: sitting in the shelving unit in the laundry room with his truck. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Fence: (one of) Ed's Summer Project(s)

Ed has been hard at work most nights on a new fence on the one side of our yard. The old fence badly needed to be replaced, and the last 5 weeks have been all about that. 

The posts and support beams in place

Adding the slats. This went much faster once our friend Justin came over to help. I even got to help after Thomas went to bed...they originally secured each slat with only one screw top and bottom, so I added second screws to each piece.

The completed fence

And finally...the back gate

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jenn and Pat's wedding!

Jenn and Pat's wedding took place Saturday, June 19 at the cottage. The ceremony was in the clearing across the road; appetizers and dinner in the yard of our and the Rhyans' cottage, and dancing across the road in the shed. There were too many good pics to choose from (and the really good ones belong to the photographer, not me!), so I am posting alot! The weather, the setting, and of course the bride were all gorgeous!

The wedding ceremony

T spent the ceremony asleep on Uncle Mark's lap. This was in addition to two earlier naps!

He perked up afterwards though!

Our family
The Swensons and Ellestads together

The wedding party

Jenn and Pat

The lemonade and vodka table

The newlyweds drove off in Dad's Model A, just like Mom and Dad left their wedding almost 38 years ago. Of course, there were Budweiser and Bud Light cans tied to the back of the car! 

T loved the car! Here he is climbing and standing  on the running board.

First dance under the colorful paper globes

Dad and Grandma polka

Mom and dad dancing 

Wedding Prep!

Two weeks ago, we headed up to Pearl Lake to get ready for Jenn and Pat's wedding. It was a perfect, busy, family-filled four days!

Our family in our annual "cottage" picture

Practicing at the rehearsal

The wedding party after the rehearsal

Jenn and Pat made Mom and Dad a customized cornhole set

Such a cute face from Claire, Pat and Jenn's niece

Ed entertained around the campfire Friday night.

Hanging the "swoopies" before the wedding

Thomas checks out the porta potty

An afternoon at the florist transformed these buckets of flowers into...

gorgeous, garden-y centerpieces!