Monday, June 14, 2010

Mattoon Triathlon 2010

Tucker, Kathy and I did the Mattoon triathlon again this summer. Kathy and I did the sprint distance (1/4 mile swim, 14.8 mile bike, 5k run), and Tucker did the Olympic distance (.9 mile swim, 26 mile bike, 10k run).

The "before" picture

Bright orange swim caps!

The "after" picture! On a windier, wavier, hotter day than last year, we still finished! Kathy improved on her time from last year, finishing at 1 hour 39 minutes 5 seconds. My time was slightly longer than last year at 1 hour 41 minutes 27 seconds. Tucker improved on his time in the longer tri by a good amount of time.

Running with the finish line in sight!

Whew it's hot!
Tucker crosses the finish line.

Ed and Thomas cheered us on.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last 2 Weeks

A collection of pictures from the last two weeks...

This swing set is awesome!

Chilling with the guys on the way out to ski. (Looking at this picture a week later, it's hard to believe the long it was over 90 degrees!)

Piggy back ride on daddy

Mowing the deck

Enjoying the lake with Aunt Kathy

Freeze pops are good! Notice the dish towel I had to wrap around it so he would hold it himself. Apparently he doesn't like touching cold things!

I call these next 3 pictures the "baby bird" series. Some food just tastes better off of someone else's fork. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer has started!

Gorgeous, sunny 80-degree weather helps Memorial Day weekend truly feel like the start of summer! We spent Saturday and Sunday at the lake. Hooray for ski season! 

Boat rides and endless fistfuls of tortilla chips...someone's new favorite summertime combination!

We hoped T would like boating this year, as last year, as Ed put it, he didn't know to have an opinion. He doesn't mind the life jacket and loves exploring the boat, and really loves going fast and getting in the water! 

Loving the boat's back deck

Driving with dad

We now own some lake property--right now heavily wooded, but with lots of potential. Here's Ed celebrating this ownership and the small clearing created on Saturday, and below, the clearing looking out over the water.

Thomas in action

A couple random pics...

Lately Thomas' pre-bedtime "nakey" time has been a problem, because he likes to pull at the velcro and take his diaper off. Ed solved the problem one night while we were cooking dinner by making a dish towel loincloth that covered the diaper tabs. Thomas didn't seem to mind that it looked like he was wearing a skirt!

Hopefully taking after his bookworm mom, T will sit and look at books for 10-15 minutes at a time. Yes, he's sitting in front of the refrigerator--not the most comfortable of reading spots!