Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Abbey and Thomas show

I was getting sick of titling all these posts "Lake Weekend," and let's be honest...who am I really showing photos of anyway? It is the Abbey and Thomas show! (with a little waterskiing on the side...)He just can't stay away from that walker, whether Abbey's in it or not.

Kids in the cooler!

Giving Abbey a ride!

This was not a stellar weekend in parenting for us...a few huge temper tantrums that gave new meaning to the "terrible twos"! By dinnertime, we were done. When Thomas decided he wanted to eat the butter we had for rolling corn rather than all of the other tasty choices we offered him, we caved in the interest of a peaceful dinner. Yum...butter for dinner!

Hugs and kisses for Abbey

Me and Thomas chilling on the boat

Dustin in the water with Abbey. When he put on his neoprene shirt, we teased him that if the water was cold enough that he needed that, perhaps Abbey shouldn't be going swimming...or maybe he's just a wimp. We love you Dustin!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback: Wedding dancing

I finally got to download/upload some dancing videos from Alli and Micah's wedding.

I'd originally taken this video of Thomas running around with Emma. It's actually more fun to watch the girls--Annie, Lucinda, and Keira, get their groove on! They had a blast dancing together.

Ed and Thomas are great dance partners! And this is post head bashing, probably about 9:30, but you can see T is still going strong and having a ball.

Random pics

A few random pics (and a video!) from the week! When Ed came home from work the other day, we were out back playing in the pool. Thomas kept dunking his hair and then letting the water drip down his face (see video).

Ed helped him dunk a little more than his hair!

Then they traded shoes.

Like his cousins, Thomas likes to read while he sits on the potty. We keep a stack of Sports Illustrated in the bathroom, and Ed started handing him the swimsuit issue and getting Thomas to say "pretty girls," which he does. What's funny is that T is most interested in the back page ad, which you can see in this picture--an M&M. The ad is a fold out, so while it looks like T's rapt attention is focused on the ladies, he's actually drooling over the M&Ms! Which he hasn't gotten in a while since he prefers to let us know after his diaper is full rather than the smell doesn't clue us in!

Ed says the caption here should be "you should see the other guy!" I say the picture requires a little more explanation...
The shiner over his eye was self-induced during a temper tantrum the other day. He whipped a combination lock for Ed's bike against the wall, which bounced back and hit him in the face. The puffiness underneath is courtesy of a monster bug bite during dinner outside Wednesday night. They just happen to be on the same eye, making T look pretty pathetic!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 weeks!

Getting bigger...

Lake Weekend

A partly stormy weekend at the lake with the Cooks...

T crawling under Abbey in the exersaucer

T's new playground--he's perfectly happy to be shut in Ed's truck to play (in this case, it was while Ed and Dustin were washing the boat).
Ready to ski!

Chillin' with daddy on the back of the boat

That hat isn't doing a very good job protecting Abbey from the sun!

This summer, Thomas likes to hold onto the boat's back ledge by himself.

Abbey likes swimming and splashing too!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


For several months now, Tucker has been eagerly awaiting the day of Thomas' first summer buzz cut. We were all available Friday night, so Tucker brought over his clippers and we had an impromptu buzz and bleu cheese burger night.

Last picture of the "long" hair

Mid haircut...sort of a mohawk! Thomas was not as miserable as he looks in this picture. Once the clippers was adjusted so it wasn't so loud, it just tickled him. Like all his haircuts, he didn't like getting all the pieces of hair in his mouth, but that was the worst of it. I really was expecting we'd have to take him somewhere to get it fixed, so I was pleasantly surprised with the cut job!

Tickle, tickle!

Definitely the most ticklish part...

He looks so old! And it's so soft and easy to wash! He also, especially now with the short hair, looks so much like his cousin Jakin.

We discovered a massive cowlick right along his hairline, which you can kind of see in this picture. It's getting hard to take good pictures of T because he wants to "see" the picture right away...often before I even get a chance to take it!

Tucker and Katie, enjoying their burgers on the deck. We had a pleasant mid 70s evening...a far cry from the usual 95, 90% humidity we have in the summer!

Me and Ed. I need to take a belly shot this weekend...30 weeks...(I think?!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lake weekend with the Sams men

Craig, Treyton and Carter came to the lake this weekend. Thomas had a ton of fun roughhousing with the big boys. Carter (the 5 year old) kept saying/complaining that Thomas copied everything he did. We all just laughed...Carter has likely spent the first 5 years of his life doing the same to Treyton. That's the joy of being one of the "big kids!"

Cruising in the boat

Thomas and "the boys" (as he called them)

Great roughhousing!

Dustin and Ed deciding how to cut a massive (14 lb!) hunk of beef. The ultimate result: 7 steaks in the freezer and 2 steaks and some thinner brisket-like cuts that were smoked. Yum!

We did a baby swap during an evening boat ride. Considering how much Thomas squirms and how content Abbey is, I think I got the better deal...

Hanging out with Kelly and Dustin in the front of the boat

Enjoying the shallow water

Just another walker picture to show how silly T looks in it! His legs are bent at a 90 degree angle at all times as he scoots around.

Backyard sprinkler fun

When the weather is really hot (so pretty much every day here in St. Louis), Thomas and I will go outside when I'm done with work and enjoy the wading pool.* If we're only going to be out half an hour or so, I have a hard time justifying getting out a swim diaper and a bathing suit. He certainly doesn't mind being nakey!**

I love this picture!

I wasn't able to capture the facial expression I was going for, but as I've mentioned before, T definitely understands how the sprayer attached to the hose works. He gets this mischievous little look on his face and turns it on me! I have learned to keep a hand on the hose and every time he points it at me, I kink it so I can stay dry. On the really good days, Ed comes home while we're still outside and then T sprays him.

*Thomas also goes in the wading pool with Courtney during the day, so it's not like this is the only time he gets to use it.
**I am wearing clothes when we do this. I just put my feet in.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lake Weekend

Early in June was another beautiful lake weekend!

A picture of me and Kelly--not that the picture is that great, but hey, we have to be in the blog sometimes too, right? It's not all about the kids...

Early morning gas run for the boat = coffee for the guys and a chocolate frosted donut for Thomas. This (obviously) is a post-donut photo.

A-B had a 3-week water conservation non-shaving program. Due to our week in NC back in May, Ed actually went 4 weeks. Here he is, half shaved. What a good look!

Tucker brought his iPad up. Thomas is a huge fan (Tucker downloaded games for him) and knows exactly what to do. A little scary, actually.

What's wrong with this picture? Thomas LOVES Abbey's garage sale walker. We have a hard time getting him out of it. Poor Abbey...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Check out my beautiful flowers! As you can see, I've actually been watering...I'm very proud.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

We split up for Memorial Day weekend--I headed to Seattle for my college roommate's wedding (hooray girls' weekend!), while Ed and Thomas met Dustin, Kelly and Abbey for the first weekend of the season at the lake.

Diane, Allison, me, and Jess, eleven years after graduation. We had such a fun, low-key girls' weekend--dinner on Friday, wandering through town Saturday morning, and then attending the wedding and reception Saturday afternoon and evening before flying home on Sunday.

The bride and groom: Allison and Greg. They've been together since college and we're so happy for them!

Feeding Greg cake

We spent Saturday morning walking around the Pike Place Market on Seattle's waterfront. What a cool place!

Jess and Diane in front of the fish counters

We had a hard time resisting all the beautiful (and cheap!) bouquets of flowers.

I headed to the lake to join everyone after landing Sunday night. Here, Ed is practicing handling two kids at once.

Thomas is constantly kissing Abbey on the head. It's really sweet.

How cute is she in her little lifejacket?!