Friday, August 5, 2016

Benjamin is 10 months

So this kid turned 10 months! 

He spends lots of time standing up on furniture...

 And other places...

In fact, he's quite the stunt man! (Below he is standing on top our garbage can insert--I had taken the full bag out and he tipped this over and used it in his never-ending quest to get into the pantry.)

And the gates on the stairs don't even hold him back--the gate fell over and he just climbed right over it.

He also likes to put things in his mouth:

Sometimes it's fake food...

And sometimes it's real food--this pickle--his first--amused him for about 15 minutes when we ventured out to eat as a family one night!

Here he is sitting on a quilt I was binding outside.

And eating breakfast "like a big boy" at the little table with Jojo.

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