Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saying (a temporary) goodbye to good friends

Good friends of ours are spending the 2015-2016 school year in Florida. We were sad to see them go but happy they'll be coming back! Before they left, we hung out several times, including our favorite buffet lunch at Erbelli's. 

These two are 6 weeks apart. They'll have changed so much in a year!

Preschool buddies!

This dark little back room is the hidden secret at Erbelli's. It's small and private with convenient access to the buffet--perfect for families with wild children! We sit here every time if we can.

We also had our first (and last) date night with Dennis and Amy. We went to SkyZone, the trampoline park, and had!

Playing dodge ball with some high school/college (?) kids

Check out my air!

Love this perfectly timed photo of the four of us!

Group selfie!

After jumping, we went to Zingo's for dinner and then topped off the night with custard. Hoping to do more dates nights when they return!

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