Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Random July pics

One night when we went out on the boat it was "cold." (Probably high 60s). The boys snuggled up in their sweatshirts and under their towels in the front of the boat to stay warm. 

By the time Ed was done skiing, they looked like this:

Three boys in jammies!

We attended a Kalamazoo Growlers (college-age Minor League-like baseball) game with my cousin Andrea and her family. We tailgated beforehand and headed into the game. These two were really into the game!

All four of the bigger boys, though Jojo and Dominic were a bit squirmier. Ben, not pictured, was of course the squirmiest!

Taking a hike at the park with friends Daisy and Finley

Just a cute Jojo pic

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