Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Pearl Lake fun

We kept busy even when we weren't by the lake. The big boys helped Buppa with a painting project in the train shed.

The cousins and 2nd cousins

 Little folding chairs work as walkers!

TJ and my cousin's daughter, Abby, had a lemonade stand during the association meeting. If you look very carefully, you can see "and Jojo and Jimmy" added in on the sign as well. Not sure that's lemonade in the pitcher though?!

If you can't drive the truck, you might as well climb on it!

Not sure if Isaac is pushing the truck or being dragged along--possibly a little bit of each.

These two took turns riding and pushing this toy. 

Posing with Uncle Sam! Jimmy and Isaac are dressed for the holiday; TJ and Jojo just happen to be wearing their bathing suits, which are the right color. Poor Ben sticks out in his orange, and ironically I actually did have some red, white and blue along for him!

Grammy and Buppa with their five grandsons (three in Pearl Lake shirts!)

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